NMG Mentoring

...The best mentoring the brightest to bring quality reporting to you where and when you need it most.......here and now!

In 2005, Newton Medical Group recognized the need to introduce and train new doctors who could provide the referral community with timely, quality reports. In January 2006 we implemented the Mentor Program to a new neurologist, orthopedist, physiatrist and pain psychologist who were selected for their clinical expertise and experience in their specialty. The program included didactic classroom training, case-by-case mentoring and case conferencing with experienced Newton Medical Group Clinicians, ongoing case review/education by attorney consultants and access to our archive of thousands of quality reports. The result for the referral community was access to a new group of well trained clinicians who offered rapid appointment availability, reduction of ancillary costs while waiting for appointments and faster access to clinicians for resolving treatment disputes. The program continued with a new group of clinicians in 2007.

In a message to the referral community, Dr. Newton stated, "When I began performing Medical-Legal evaluations 35 years ago, there were no resources to help me climb the learning curve necessary to provide the level of quality reports for which Newton Medical Group has become known. I am excited about our Mentor Program, which will not merely add clinicians to the queue, but provide a mechanism for introducing highly trained, mentored clinicians to the referral community. There is no other comprehensive mentor program like this in California today. I only wish it had existed when I started!"